H2Century's Prototype 1.0 on
a VW Beetle

Small yellow box = H2Warper

The Warper, the core patented technology of H2Century is a unit of the kit generating a mix made of hydrogen and of a distilled-water emulsion. This mix is the combustion gaz processed by the Warper in a way to behave combustion-wise as the fossile fuel gasoline on which the car would normally run. In this case: 95 octane gasoline for the VW Beetle.

Gas bottle in red = current hydrogen (H2) tank

The orange tube is the output of the the hydrogen bottle and the hydrogen input to the Warper.

4 grey-taped black electric adapters

This piece is the electrical power supply fuelling electronic impulse units inside the Warper. Such impulses enrich the hydrogen gas with an emulsion of distilled water to be injected into the car's engine.

Transparent tube 

The transparent tube is the output of the Warper and the input to the car's engine. The tube is directly plugged into the carburettor after the removal of the engine's air filter. 

The H2Century venture in time

Phase I - The H2Warper Roof Tank Model

A box containing the Warper and a certified carbon-fiber hydrogen storage tank will be installed of the converted car's roof. 
H2Warp plans an injection kit similar to the ones for LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gaz). LPG converted cars benefit from a proven technology for almost 30 years.
The hydrogen refuelling of a H2Century converted car can be done at a specific hydrogen filling station or privately with a hydrogen generator. Ideally, such hydrogen generators are powered by wind and/or solar energy.

Phase II - H2Warper Trunk Tank Versions

If the necessary resources are secured, substantial market demand is there and a critical mass of hydrogen filling stations is reached; hydrogen tanks could, upon certification, be installed in the trunks of the car.

Phase III - H2Century for marine ship engines

It is said that cargo ships are currently responsible for 17% of the Co2 emissions due to overall transportation. Marine combustion engines could be converted too. In general, H2Warp is applicable to many fossile fuel combustion engine. 

H2Century current patent status 

The current patent registered has been granted via a 'Gebrauchsmuster' in Munich, Germany, where the diploma has as well been issued. An idea that has once been published and documented cannot be patented by another party around the world. H2Warp will register its patent step by step in the relevant countries with the aim for worldwide coverage.


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