Emission-free driving on hydrogen
by upgrading ordinary cars
for free.

- a Patented Technology -

H2Century's core technology is a small box being the basis for a kit to convert gasoline cars to run on a mix made of hydrogen (H2) and distilled water.


1500 million
Co2 emitting cars 


3 million 
emission-free cars

Every year

90 million polluting cars are added to our roads

To put a point

  • As hydrogen burns with zero emissions, it allows clean driving

  • H2Century has developed an add-on kit that transforms fossil fuel cars into emission-free hydrogen cars with no substantial changes to the engine

  • H2Century is a scalable CleanTech to reduce Co2 emissions of the existing and growing worldwide 1.5 billion fossil fuel car fleet


  • Storage by secure EC certified hydrogen car roof tanks

  • H2Century aims for a 150km hydrogen autonomy on one tank load


  • No range problem with H2Warp through easy switch to normal gasoline when hydrogen runs out, providing a driving experience like the one of a hybrid car


  • Further autonomy through potential home production of hydrogen with solar energy


  • First hydrogen fuel stations already exist, e.g. in Germany

  • H2Century expects to give the kit for free to the user, by nstalling advertising on the tanks, to finance the kit.

  • Reminder: The production of an electric vehicle generates 23 tons of Co2 emissions

  • The production of a H2Century kit will instead generate only 1 ton of emitted Co2, mainly due to the hydrogen tank production


a small step for a driver, a huge step in the fight against climate change 

Let's test Co2 (1/3)

On the right:

VW Beetle anno 1999
is emitting 15.1% Co2 running on 95 octane gasoline

Let's test Co2 (2/3)

Video below: Same VW Beetle running on the first H2Century prototype generation without any changes to its engine.

Immediate result: only 0.3% Co2

Let's test Co2 (3/3)

Video below: After 10 minutes running on the H2Century prototype, the same VW Beetle's Co2 emissions drop even further to 0.1% Co2.

This small rest of 0.1% in Co2 emissions can be explained by burnt particles in the exhaust system stemming of the 20 years prior burning gasoline. 

H2Century Prototype 1.0 on our VW Beetle

A VW Beetle's engine running smoothly on hydrogen 

without any substantial changes to its engine.


 A test drive on a H2Century Prototype 1.0 

The first testimony of a revolution? 

Want to be part of this? 

H2Century is currently an early-stage venture.

Know-how and funds for further developments are warmly welcome.

Contact us:

Karl Wagner (Inventor & founder)

Tel & WhatsApp: +41 79 86 84 2 84

Email: h2century@outlook.com